2001 L67
4T65E-HD with 3.29 Gears

THR Big Valve Heads 1.92" Intake, 1.57" Exhaust

Pulley Boys Quik Change 3.8/3.4/3.25/3.0/2.8/2.6

Comp Cams -
Custom Cam XFI Lobes 218/230 .571/.569 (with 1.6 rockers)
1.6 Pro Mag Rockers
3/8" Diameter Pushrods
150lb Double Valvesprings
850 Lifters
Titanium Retainers
Spring Seats

PRJ Performance
10.4 mm Ignition Wires

Rollmaster Double Roller Timing Set
MLS Head Gaskets
Intake Tubing

Winterhalter Performance
WPI Extreme IC Supercharger (Coated Black)
WPI Extreme Machined Lower Intake (Coated Black)
WPI Machined Snout
WPI Northstar Throttle Body Conversion


ARP Head Studs

Siemens 65# Injectors

Racetronix Fuel Pump Kit & Rewire

Farnsworth Machined Oil Pump Cover

Stattama AC Delete

Custom Digital Horsepower PCM (!EGR, !Rear02, IAT Tables etc)
DHP PowrTuner

Tech Edge
Custom ICCU (red)

TOG (The Other Guys) Xtreme

Custom Alex Exhaust 3" back to 2.25" wye pipe, Magnaflow Polished Street Mufflers

Autolite 103's

180* T-Stat

EGR, Catalytic Converter, EVAP, and Rear 02 sensor are removed!

And probably more that I've forgotten about over the past years.....